Trainer: Roxanne Manning

Leadership Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement
November 8, 2017  •  Article  • 
My life is spent traveling between different lands. There is the land of my NVC family. This land is full of people who have abundant hope, who believe change is possible. Some focus on individual change – making their lives and the lives of people in their families and communities ...
"I'm Not Good Enough" and Other Leadership Myths
October 20, 2017  •  Article  • 
Have you found yourself in that position – sitting in a training or meeting, thinking you have the skills and knowledge to lead, but still stepping back? Many people find themselves balancing on the edge of leadership – yearning to step forward, but holding back. For many of us, it's not about ...
Why don’t they get it?
August 17, 2018  •  Article  • 
Does this seem familiar?  You're in a meeting. Maybe it's a workshop around equity and social justice issues, maybe it's your community group holding a planning meeting for their next event.

Pat makes a suggestion, and folks keep talking, ignoring the suggestion, proposing others. When Riley makes ...