Trainer: Jim Manske

Giving the Gift of Compassionate Giving
January 1, 2018  •  Article  • 
What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.
-Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Can you imagine that?  What would the world be like if there was flow between ...
There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Strategy
November 20, 2017  •  Article  • 

What if there's no such thing as a perfect strategy?  (Strategies are behaviors intended to contribute to fulfilling a universal human need.)

What that means to me is that no matter which strategic choice I make, some needs will be satisfied while others remain hungry. We ...

I'll Work on Me, You Work on You
October 20, 2017  •  Article  • 
Once we learn a communication tool like NVC, our enthusiasm can extend to a heartfelt desire to share it with others.  We imagine that if we are benefiting from the tools of empathy, honesty and self-connection, those we love and care for will also.  We notice that our ...

The Vortex of Submission

The Vortex of Submission
01/2011  •  Audio  •  09:55 hours:minutes
Join CNVC Certified Trainers Jori and Jim Manske in an exploration of how gratitude can enable you to remain more present moment to moment, thus enabling you to flourish in your life!

The Art and Science of Happiness

Jim and Jori Manske
06/11/2012  •  Audio  •  01:04 hours:minutes
What is it that enables us to thrive? How can we influence our capacity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life? Join Jim and Jori Manske in this exciting telecourse recording on the intersection of NVC and cutting-edge Positive Psychology, the science of human thriving.