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Restoring the Flow of Gifting in Community
April 11, 2019  •  Article  • 

fountain water

A little over a year ago I wrote a piece about how humans, historically, have broken off from the flow ...

NVC and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
December 10, 2018  •  Article  • 

Part 2 - I Need You. 

In the context of a healing ceremony or therapy session, psychedelic journeys amplify the unresolved issues from childhood, although it can be hard to remember that and make sense of things during a psychedelic journey. Making the connections between ...

“The Zero Step:  What we do before we open our mouths influences what happens next!
March 19, 2018  •  Article  • 
“Know what you want before you open your mouth.” -Marshall Rosenberg, developer of Nonviolent Communication
Why Do I Feel Depressed?
April 3, 2018  •  Article  • 

I feel depressed because I have a human need that is not being attended to. It’s hard to argue with this conclusion. The only thing is, there is much more to the story than this statement alludes to, and we will miss the mark entirely if the prevailing ...

Let it RAIN!
February 14, 2017  •  Article  • 
For me, remembering the distinction between needs and strategies supports well-being because it goes to the root of suffering.  To clarify what I mean, consider this example I heard at a recent workshop:  "When I need empathy and understanding I want to rely on my mate.  There ...
Marshall Rosenberg's Vision of Social Change
January 1, 2017  •  Article  • 
It’s been several years since Marshall Rosenberg’s death, the much loved author of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life and founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Rosenberg could easily be described as a man who expressed profound radical insights that could significantly change lives. People ...
Can Needs Be Harmful?
October 20, 2017  •  Article  • 
Please join me in a visualization. Take a minute to imagine that you are a baby panda bear. You live in a zoo in an enclosure designed to resemble the panda bear's natural habitat in the wild. Bamboo, the mainstay of your diet, is flown in regularly for you and ...

The Basics of Partnership Parenting Using NVC

The Basics of Partnership Parenting Using NVC
03/2010  •  Audio  •  07:29 hours:minutes
As parents, we often face challenging situations on a daily basis and struggle to create what we most long for. In this 6 session telecourse recording, you will learn how Nonviolent Communication can support a family culture where cooperation, trust, and peace are nurtured, and children and parents can flourish together.

Bringing Peace to Kids in Conflict

Bringing Peace to Kids in Conflict
03/11/2011  •  Audio  •  08:18 hours:minutes
This 6-session telecourse recording focuses on supporting people who work with children (e.g. parents, teachers, ministers, etc.) in applying the skills of NVC mediation in conflict situations that involve children.

Stoking the Fires of Joy: Living with Gratitude

Stoking the Fires of	Joy: Living with Gratitude
03/2008  •  Audio  •  05:26 hours:minutes
Bask in this telecourse recording with Kathleen Macferran and explore ways to nurture and maintain greater depths of joy by focusing on gratitude.  The reward?  To increase your ability to live fully present to the joy in life, even in the midst of pain.
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