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Transformative Dialogue
May 17, 2019  •  Article  • 

Have you ever persevered through a challenging situation with a friend and come out the other side with more respect for one another? Or worked out a disagreement with a loved one, finding that you feel even closer, with ...

What’s Love Got To Do With It?  A Thousand Ways to Say, “I Love You”
December 6, 2018  •  Article  • 

“I love you.”

Baby holding hand of adultAh, that warm and fuzzy feeling! I can see hear birds singing.  Little cupids with their bows ...

Using NVC on Silent Retreat; Opening the Door to the Field of Connection
September 12, 2018  •  Article  • 

I love the topic Mary has offered for these blogs- what’s new in NVC. Something new- at least in relation to the inception of NVC- is the integration of NVC into many spiritual paths by NVC trainers and practitioners.

“The Zero Step:  What we do before we open our mouths influences what happens next!
March 19, 2018  •  Article  • 
“Know what you want before you open your mouth.” -Marshall Rosenberg, developer of Nonviolent Communication
Compassion: Mature, Astute & Courageous
March 3, 2018  •  Article  • 

For both seasoned and new NVC aficionados, I think many would agree that the word ‘empathy’ typically becomes central to one’s understanding of what NVC is all about. One might even argue that empathy is itself synonymous with NVC. The beauty of this strong pairing is of course ...

The Shadow Side of Autonomy
January 20, 2018  •  Article  • 

Autonomy .. it's a word that carries a lot of currency. And certainly in the part of the world where I live (North America), it's considered both an inalienable right and a sign of achievement if a person is living a self-designed life. I have always loved etymology for what ...

Marshall Rosenberg's Vision of Social Change
January 1, 2017  •  Article  • 
It’s been several years since Marshall Rosenberg’s death, the much loved author of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life and founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Rosenberg could easily be described as a man who expressed profound radical insights that could significantly change lives. People ...
A World Where Empathy for One Another is the Norm
December 2, 2017  •  Article  • 
I recently read an article by Dan Rather called, Why America Needs More Empathy. It touched me because he reminded me of what my parents taught me about helping other people.
Can Needs Be Harmful?
October 20, 2017  •  Article  • 
Please join me in a visualization. Take a minute to imagine that you are a baby panda bear. You live in a zoo in an enclosure designed to resemble the panda bear's natural habitat in the wild. Bamboo, the mainstay of your diet, is flown in regularly for you and ...

Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!

Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!
04/19/2012  •  Audio  •  00:39 hours:minutes
Listen to CNVC Certified Trainer Dian Killian show you how  to easily step into the mindset of an NVC practice—the spirit of connection and collaboration—that will support you in authentically connecting with others.
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