Speaking the Unspoken Conversation

Speaking the Unspoken Conversation
with - CNVC Certified Trainer
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Reveal, own and share the inner chatter that plays over and over in your head, in between the words you speak aloud. Arnina Kashtan will help you discover, embrace and open up the places inside that you’ve hidden and judged.

This chatter prevents you from being fully present and available to others, as well as yourself.

If you’ve puzzled about how to hear what’s really going on and are weary of that noisy inner talk – and If you’d love to learn how to successfully handle feelings of fear, anger, guilt and shame – then open the door to the wisdom, hope and healing you’ll receive in this unique course.

In Speaking the Unspoken Conversation, Arnina will help you tap into the vulnerability you've feared. You’ll dive deeply, traveling from your mind to the core of your innermost heart, releasing any old, painful and unconscious vows along the way… Step by step she’ll guide you to discover, embrace and open up the places inside that you’ve always hidden and judged. You’ll experience a deep paradigm shift that will enable you to profoundly transform ALL your relationships across the board. This work will help you to relax and breathe in the relief and joy that comes with re-connecting to your core.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Distinguish between stories and reality
  • Get past inner confusion
  • Transform places of inner fear into wells of self-acceptance
  • Release painful, early vows that prevent you from living as who you are NOW
  • Gently bring yourself back to YOU when you find you’ve fallen back into old familiar patterns
  • Embrace the joy of re-connecting with your essence

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