Getting Past Childhood Trauma To Transform Your Chronic Jackal Messages

Getting Past Childhood Trauma To Transform Your Chronic Jackal Messages
with - CNVC Certified Trainer
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The impact of early childhood trauma and neglect is enormous. Many of our core beliefs are formed from our instinctive attempts as babies or young children to survive, and these experiences are the origins of most inner jackal voices and fear-based behaviors. Because memory of this material is stored in the limbic system—an ancient part of the brain—‘talk therapy’ is generally unable to affect change, as such a cognitive approach cannot reach this nonverbal part of our brain.

In this course, Susan Skye will guide you to experience profound transformation of the inner jackal messages resulting from childhood trauma. Discover how the limbic system of the brain works, and transform jackal messages stored there with compassionate connection.

Through engaging instruction and live exploration of real experiences, learn to:

  • Transform any "unlivable contracts" you have made with yourself
  • Compassionately manage your reactive triggers
  • Reclaim your authenticity

Using Nonviolent Communication skills and awareness, Susan Skye’s process has consistently resulted in remarkable levels of stable, profound and transformational change. The basic format for the class will include a demonstration by Susan, followed by opportunities for participants to practice and heal their own childhood trauma.

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