Theoretical Underpinnings of NVC

Theoretical Underpinnings of NVC
with - CNVC Certified Trainer
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Listen to this 8-part telecourse recording and you will learn to:

  • Understand the body of knowledge that makes up the NVC practice
  • Get answers to all the “why” questions you always wanted to ask about NVC
  • Shift NVC from mechanics to deep practice by understanding the power of each element
  • Learn the principles that underlie the practice
  • Make the connection between NVC and other modalities you practice

Part 1: What Is NVC?

Miki brings years of experience training future NVC trainers, and conceptual clarity to help you explore the meaning of NVC In this part, delve into topics such as:

  • The relationship between NVC and “truth” or “morality”
  • The purpose of learning and using NVC
  • The difference between NVC consciousness, the focus on the four components and the use of specific language in dialogue
  • The different approaches to practicing NVC
  • What it means to live NVC in a world that operates on different principles
  • When and how NVC can become a spiritual practice

Miki's engaging style and deep wisdom will inspire you and remind you why you were drawn to NVC in the first place.

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