Bringing Peace to Kids in Conflict

Bringing Peace to Kids in Conflict
with John Kinyon and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei
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This 6-session telecourse recording focuses on supporting people who work with children (e.g. parents, teachers, ministers, etc.) in applying the skills of NVC mediation in conflict situations that involve children.

Listen to this telecourse recording and learn to:
  • Understand and modulate your emotions (self-regulation)
  • Recognize when children are emotionally triggered and compassionately intervene before the fight/flight/freeze response overwhelms them
  • Shift from right/wrong mentality: recognize that the ability to relate to others is linked to stress levels
  • Manage your own inner conflict when you are emotionally triggered by children’s behavior
  • Efficiently mediate conflict between children, and between children and other adults
In addition to learning about practical brain science principles, we will be working with four mediation contexts:
  1. Internal – when we are emotionally triggered as a result of working with children or supporting children with their inner conflicts.
  2. Interpersonal -- when we as adults find ourselves in conflict with a child.
  3. Informal -- when we are stepping in to mediate a conflict that has arisen between children or between a child and another adult.
  4. Formal -- when children have agreed to have us mediate or support them in mediating their conflict.

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