The Vortex of Submission

The Vortex of Submission
with - CNVC Certified Trainer
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Tired of the power struggles, just caving in, or giving up on the relationship?

Join CNVC Certified Trainers Jori and Jim Manske in an explanation of how gratitude can enable you to remain more present moment to moment thus enabling you to flourish in your life!

Whether at work, at home, or at play, the power dynamics of coercion and submitting to others can suck the joy right out of your life and relationships.

The Vortex of Submission identifies a widespread pattern of power imbalance and the various unconscious habituated choices we make that perpetuate it. Each part of this audio focuses on a specific aspect of the Vortex and how to liberate yourself from it.

This 9-session telecourse recording offers the understanding and tools for:

  • making choices in harmony with your values
  • balancing autonomy and interdependence
  • healing resentments
  • sustaining healthy relationships
  • nurturing connection and trust in all types of relationships

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