Stoking the Fires of Joy: Living with Gratitude

Stoking the Fires of	Joy: Living with Gratitude
with - CNVC Certified Trainer
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Bask in this telecourse recording with CNVC Certified Trainer, Kathleen Macferran, and explore ways to nurture and maintain greater depths of joy by focusing your attention on gratitude.  The reward?  To increase your ability to live fully present to the joy in life, even in the midst of pain.

Listen to this audio recording and you will:

  • Learn ways to express and receive gratitude
  • Live with renewed energy and savor moments that matter
  • Find ways to hold pain and joy simultaneously
  • Expand awareness of the ways you are living your values
  • Find peace around needs that are not fully met in your life
  • Practice celebrating your power to serve life
  • Understand what keeps you from living with gratitude
  • Develop strategies to incorporate more gratitude into your daily life
  • Understand the difference between gratitude and compliments

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