Trainer: Dian Killian

What’s Love Got To Do With It?  A Thousand Ways to Say, “I Love You”
December 6, 2018  •  Article  • 

“I love you.”

Baby holding hand of adultAh, that warm and fuzzy feeling! I can see hear birds singing.  Little cupids with their bows ...

Empathy in the Face of Powerful Structures
December 6, 2018  •  Article  • 

Several years ago I was heading to a holiday party I’d organized with a bunch of supplies in tow. I live in New York City and was riding the subway. I packed all the decorations and food in a large cart with wheels to make it easy to ...

NVC Conversations About Privilege and Power-Over
February 21, 2018  •  Article  • 

Last year, Mary Mackenzie of the NVC Academy (NVCA) organized an online symposium Removing Our Blinders: Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege that I consider courageous and visionary. The symposium offered an opportunity for those of ...

Creating Peace and Change: A Multi-Level Approach
January 1, 2018  •  Article  • 

If you’re attempting to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak or sign the same language as you, and you don’t have an interpreter, no matter how clear or connected your communication, you may not be heard or understood. There are external or structural issues at play. ...

Kitty Empathy
January 15, 2018  •  Article  • 

Awhile ago, I passed by an ASPCA van, with cats up for adoption. I went over to take a look and fell in love with a cat called Caiden. I love Irish names, so he caught my attention. I already had two cats at home and wasn't looking for ...

Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!

Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!
04/19/2012  •  Audio  •  00:39 hours:minutes
Listen to CNVC Certified Trainer Dian Killian show you how  to easily step into the mindset of an NVC practice—the spirit of connection and collaboration—that will support you in authentically connecting with others.